Richmond, VA – Delegate Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax & Prince William) issued the following statement in recognition of January 13th as Korean American Day in Virginia:

"Seven years ago I sponsored HJ 632 to designate today as Korean American Day to honor the tremendous accomplishments and contributions these citizens make to our Commonwealth and to our Country.

In December 1902, a group of 56 men, 21 women, and 25 children traveled from Korea across the Pacific Ocean seeking a new life in America. They landed in Honolulu, Hawaii on January 13, 1903, marking the first entry of Korean immigrants to the United States territory.

Since that time, Korean Americans have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate great initiative, no fear of hard-work, and amazing creativity. These values have made Korean Americans essential to the growth and success of American society; making significant contributions to medicine, the arts, business, engineering, athletics, and serving in public office, among other fields.

Korean Americans were key in achieving and sustaining independence for their mother country during World War II and beyond. Their sacrifices and dedication during that time is a testament to their devotion to freedom; devotion the current generation of Korean Americans continues to value as they grow and prosper in our nation.

With the sterling pattern of great success that Korean Americans are setting all over the United States, I see no sign of stopping the great contributions to American freedom, prosperity, and quality of life that are surely yet to come."